Boost Yourself - Higher Class Collagen for coffee with carob and cinnamon 300g

Boost Yourself - Higher Class Collagen for coffee with carob and cinnamon 300g

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A simple and tasty way for coffee lovers to introduce collagen into their lifestyle. Two teaspoons give you 5 g of pure collagen. Carob helps to increase the feeling of fullness and reduce appetite.

Do you agree that collagen intake is necessary, but you don't have the capacity to make smoothies and porridges… but you love coffee!

Collagen for coffee with carob and cinnamon is your easiest way to replenish the necessary collagen reserves. It is the purest, highest quality, high grade hydrolyzed collagen sourced from free-range, grass-fed cattle. Retains the characteristic taste of coffee. When added to black coffee, carob or locust bean gives a slightly chocolate flavor and genuine Ceylon cinnamon gives a delicate spicy shade. By adding vegetable milk, new uplifting flavors emerge - the nuances of cinnamon and the slightly nutty taste of carob stand out.

The carob contained in the mixture helps to increase the feeling of fullness, reduce appetite and helps to reduce body weight. Inulin is a fiber that comes from the chicory plant. Chicory has a high fiber content of 85% and supports heart and blood vessel health. However, cinnamon makes you feel more energetic. Add value to your coffee in a delicious way!


  1. Take 2 teaspoons (10 g) of collagen with carob and cinnamon
  2. Add to your favorite coffee (black or with plant-based milk)
  3. Mix well and enjoy

You can get your daily amount of collagen in a particularly simple and quick way, because you don't have to prepare a separate drink for it. Add just two teaspoons of the product to your morning coffee and enjoy the delicious and mild flavor nuances of Ceylon cinnamon and the chocolate shade of carob. High-grade collagen for coffee with carob and cinnamon does not replace a varied and balanced diet or a healthy lifestyle.

Toitumisalane teave 100 g kohta keskmiselt:

energiakJ 1362 / 324 kcal
rasvadrasvad 0.2 g, sh küllastunud rasvhapped 0 g
süsivesikudsüsivesikud 16 g, millest suhkrud 12 g
kiudained32 g
valgud49 g
sool0.9 g

0.6mg (32%)*

*keskmisest päevasest võrdluskogusest

Collagen peptides, carob powder, inulin powder, Ceylon cinnamon.

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