About Us

About Us

The name of Rosena.ee online store comes from the rose – the flower known since the antique mythology for its beauty and as a symbol of eternal love. Today red roses also have special meaning for us and convey the very same message – I love you!

In addition to carrying the message of love the rose means honor, devotion, purity, passion, desire, courage, respect, balance, wisdom, timelessness, sensuality, intrigue, faith, sincerity and keeping secrets. The rose is also a flower used, for instance, in skin care products – it is closely related to improvement of one’s health and appearance.

Rosena.ee would like to bring more sun to daily lives of its customers and to make its customers happier by offering products for maintaining beauty and health. Let you beauty blossom!

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GIFT - Crunchy Collagen Bites!


Every customer who purchases at least 3 packs of Eternal Youth collagen bites, will receive a pack of Crunchy Collagen Bites as a gift. 

​*The gift is added to the shopping cart automatically if the conditions of the campaign are filled