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 “LARIFAN SPRAY" represents  an original, contemporary and effective remedy for oral hygiene, that enforces natural defence of sensitive oral cavity. Contains dsRNA Larifan - double-stranded molecule of RNA, that helps to care for the oral mucous. Especially suitable for periods of upper respiratory tract diseases or viruses like influensa.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Pour 10ml of solvent into the vial to dissolve the sediment. The solvent can be:
     - Sodium chloride 0,9% isotonic solution or
     - Purified water or
     - Boiled water (room temperature)

To achieve the best effect, "Larifan spray" should be used 3-4 times per day, each time executing 2-3 pulverizations. “Larifan spray” should be usedwithin 3-4 days. Unsolved "Larifan spray" should be stored at room temperature. Prepared solution should be stored at a place protected from light.  

COMPOSITION: Double-stranded molecule of RNA in freeze-dried form. Visually shown as a white-transparent sediment in the bottom of the vial.

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