5 scientific reasons why a collagen food supplement is beneficial for your body!

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Our body starts aging already in mid twenties, when collagen starts to deteriorate. New collagen is no longer produced at the rate needed and that's why we see changes in our skin, hair and nails. But not only that, collagen deterioration is also felt in our joints and bones where painful sensations can occur. 

As collagen food supplements are growing more and more popular, we investigated, why collagen food supplements should be used and found these 6 reasons.

Collagen is anti aging!

Collagen is a critical component in our skin, keeping it young and tight. As we age, the first aging signs are visible in our skin in the form of dryness and wrinkles. But using a collagen food supplement helps keep our skin young and has an anti wrinkle effect.

69 women participated in a Study, which found that after 8 weeks of regular collagen use, the elasticity of the subjects skin was improved, the wrinkles had decreased and the overall feel of the skin was silkier and smoother. At this point it is important to note that the daily effective dose of collagen should start from 5 grams (5000mg). 

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Using collagen daily has an anti cellulite effect and it helps resore the shine and strenght of hair and nails! 

The steady decline of colalgen in our organism also manifests as our skin becoming thinner with age. That, coupled with the loss of elasticity means something every woman hates - cellulite becomes more visible. Using collagen food supplement regularly, your skin will keep its elasticity and the dimples of cellulite will also be less visible. 

In addition to all the benefits collagen gives to our skin, it also helps restore the strength and shine of our hair and makes our nails stronger. 

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Collagen helps prevent issues with joints and bones!

Do you feel that in your fourties you are no longer as flexible as in your twenties? Climbing ut the stairs bring pain to your knees and joints? As collagen is a crucial element in our joints and bones, taking a collagen supplement daily has been shown to reduce pain and other issues with our joints and bones. In fact, over the past few years, studies are actively investigating the effect of collagen for osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Case study: a study was performed with 147 volunteer athletes who had joint pains. They used collagen for joints regularly over the course of 24 weeks. The result - significantly less pain! 

Supports metabolism and muscles! 

Collagen includes a lot of essential amino acids that our body needs to function properly. For example, glycine supports muscles and participates in the process of converting glucose to energy. That is why it is actually good to use collagen after being active and also for people who have strenuous work daily. 

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Collagen supports our heart and many many more essential processes in our body! 

Collagen food supplements with hydrolyzed collagen contain almost 20 different essential amino acids that each have a role to play in our organism. Proline, for example is part of the process that helps prevent our arteries being blocked by fatty deposits. 


Of course, collagen is not a magical cure for all of our ailments, but taking collagen orally has shown a positive effect on our body and skin. So, why not try to take a few courses of collagen. 

Please note! The decrease of collagen levels are also effected by stress, smoking, sleep deprivation, excess sun tanning and even many diseases. So, try to reduce the harmful factors bit by bit for the best anti aging result. A collagen food supplement is going to help you reach your most youthful and health lifestuyle. 

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