All about pigment spots and age spots!

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For most of us sunny days are nice and we love them because it means vacations, time with friends and family and warm seawater. However, for some people, sun causes frustration by creating strange discolorations on skin. What are pigment spots and why do they appear?

The skin’s pigment indicates our skin color. Our skin gets its color from melanin, which is created by certain type of cells in our body – melanocytes. Our skin tone, hair colour, and even the colour of our irises depends on melanin. Melanin levels are largely dependent on people’s race and skin type.

People with darker skin have higher levels of melanin compared to people with lighter skin tones. Melanin is produced as a reaction to sun exposure as a way to increase protection against harmful UV-rays. However, when melanocytes are damaged, the production of melanin or its normal dissolution in skin changes and pigment spots appear (commonly known also as brown age spots).


What are brown pigment spots on the skin? 

Pigment spots (age spots) appear when the pigment produced remains in the skin and causes clearly visible brown spots. As a rule, these patches are symmetrical and tend to appear on the face, forehead, nose, chin, and above the upper lip. Age spots are predominantly a women’s problem, as only 10% of all melasma cases concern men. People with darker skin (especially African and Latin Americans, Spaniards, Asian people, North-African and Indian nations) have a significantly higher likelihood of developing pigment spots.

Research has also linked pigment spots with heredity and hormonal changes in the body (i.e. pregnancy or the use of hormonal birth control). The risk of developing discolorations is also heightened after experiencing sunburn.

These skin discolorations are not dangerous, they mainly affect people’s self-esteem. In general, pigment spots do not disappear on their own, so they need treatment at either a doctor’s office or a beauty salon.

Luckily, advances in cosmetology have enabled a few companies to launch very effective pigment spots removal treatments in the form of cream. One of these companies is Laboratoire ACM with their Depiwhite depigmenting products

Unfortunately, the treatment of pigment spots takes time – most treatment options require patience and may last for 6 to 12 months or even longer. You can protect your skin from the development of age spots with a high-SPF sunscreen.  And even if you have developed dark patches, you can prevent them from darkening even further by applying proper sunscreen.

Before and after the use of Depiwhite depigmenting cream (6 Months)

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