October is campaign month for collagens. Rosena webshop features a selection of collagen food supplements:

  • anti aging beauty collagen
  • collagen supplements for joints

You will find collagen of marine origin, collagen powders, collagen gel, and collagen drinks. Our collagens feature a high collagen content (5-10 grams) which is considered the daily effective dose to use with an affordable price. Collagen in food supplements is hydrolyzed, making it absorbable by our organisms.

I just recently saw an article about how Halle Berry uses bone broth to stay young - here's a secret, bone broth is home made collagen supplement! 

If you also dream about looking just as good as Eurovision song contest stars or Hollywood actors like Halle Berry, then you might also want to think about using a collagen supplement regularly. We will not make you drink bone broth, as there are very good collagen supplements available. 

Our body starts aging already in mid twenties, when collagen starts to deteriorate. New collagen is no longer produced at the rate needed and that's why we see changes in our skin, hair and nails. But not only that, collagen deterioration is also felt in our joints and bones where painful sensations can occur. 

As collagen food supplements are growing more and more popular, we investigated, why collagen food supplements should be used and found these 6 reasons.

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