Depiwhite - Hyperpigmentation - Age spots - Brown pigment spots on face

What is melasma i.e why do we get brown age spots on our face and hands?

Melasma is a condition where produced pigments remain in the skin and cause clearly visible dark pigment spots. As a rule, these patches are symmetrical and tend to appear on the face - cheeks, forehead, nose, chin, and above the upper lip, but the brown spots can also appear on our hands and body.

Melasma is predominantly a women’s problem, as only 10% of all melasma cases concern men. People with darker skin (especially African and Latin Americans, Spaniards, Asian people, North-African and Indian nations) have a significantly higher likelihood of developing melasma. Research has also linked melasma with heredity and hormonal changes in the body (i.e. pregnancy or the use of hormonal birth control). The risk of developing discolorations is also heightened after experiencing sunburn. People who are using acne treatment or scrubs containing AHA acids are also at risk to get pigment spots.

Skin discolorations are not dangerous, they mainly affect people’s self-esteem. In general, hyperpigmentation does not disappear on its own and needs treatment at either a doctor’s office or a beauty salon.

Luckily dermocosmetics have made a lot of advancements in recent years, and as a result there are some very good products available for age spots/hyperpigmentation removal. Unfortunately, the treatment takes time – most treatment options require patience and may last for 6 to 12 months or even longer. 

People who are prone to hyperpigmentation should protect their skin from the development of age spots with a high-SPF sunscreen.

Rosena webshop carries Depiwhite and Clarilys high quality creams that are excellent for treatment of age spots / melasma / hyperpigmentation.

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Depiwhite Whitening mask to lighten skin Best before 10/2024

Mask designed to fade and eliminate brown spots and even out the complexion.
25.00€ 12.90€
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Depiwhite Activegel Unifying Anti-brown Spot Gel

eliminates brown spots for combination to oily skin.
21.50€ 14.90€
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Viticolor gel toner for Vitiligo white spots

Based on 4 reviews.
Color for the depigmented areas for 1-2 weeks.
21.90€ 17.52€
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Vitix tablets

Based on 1 reviews.
Food supplement full of antioxydants to prevent and reduce damage of skin pigment
21.90€ 19.71€
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Depiwhite Special offer: Treatment for pigment spots

Based on 1 reviews.
Depiwhite special offer provides an effective depigmenting solution for hyperpigmented skin.
49.90€ 37.60€
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Vitix gel for white pigment spots

Restores pigment partially or fully.
46.90€ 40.00€
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Vitix special offer gel + food supplement

Vitiligo treatment special offer
67.80€ 54.90€
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Clarilys cream best before 30.06.24

Based on 1 reviews.
Cream for reducing spots caused by uneven distribution of pigment on skin and for evening skin tone.
22.90€ 8.90€
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Depiwhite Advanced Depigmenting Cream

Based on 2 reviews.
Remove pigment spots from face, hands and body
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