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Vitiligo, i.e. white pigment spots on skin

Vitiligo is characterised by the loss of skin pigmentation, which is why white spots appear on the skin. This situation occurs when melanocytes (pigment-producing cells) are destroyed in specific skin areas. White pigment spots may appear on any area of the body. They may appear simultaneously in several areas, and even the hair on the skin may change colour.

The specific causes of vitiligo are unknown; it is, however, thought that it is an autoimmune disease where the body’s own immune system attacks and destroys pigment-producing cells. Vitiligo is a rare condition and only affects 1–2% of the population; the condition also has no gender division. However, genes have some significance. Vitiligo is not a harmful disease. It does not cause any pain or complications and rather has a psychological effect. Treatment options of vitiligo are also limited and one shoult have patience. It's also not guaranteed treatment will work on everyone.

The most effective way to reduce the contrast between white spots and skin with normal pigmentation is through daily use of a sunscreen. Sun creams with a high SPF-factor prevent melanin from forming in the skin. When skin does not tan, the contrast between white spots and normal skin remains less visible.

Rosena carries the highly valued and internationally recognized Vitix product line for vitiligo treatment. It includes a cream and food supplement.

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Viticolor gel toner for Vitiligo white spots

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Color for the depigmented areas for 1-2 weeks.
21.90€ 17.52€
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Vitix tablets

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Food supplement full of antioxydants to prevent and reduce damage of skin pigment
21.90€ 19.71€
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Vitix gel for white pigment spots

Restores pigment partially or fully.
46.90€ 40.00€
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Vitix special offer gel + food supplement

Vitiligo treatment special offer
67.80€ 54.90€
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