Frettchen4You Salmon Oil 100ml Bottle

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Frettchen4You Salmon Oil 100ml Bottle

Frettchen4You Salmon oil is one of the highest Quality salmon oil available. Our oil is produced using the cold pressing process, which means that the oil is never subjected to heat. There are no additives added to our product. Our Frettchen4You Salmon oil has a high amount of essential Omega 3 und Omega 6 fatty acids. The positive effects of the poly unsurated fatty acids has been scientiffically confirmed. Omega 3 fatty acids can support the metabolism and are known for their anti-inflammatory properties. Frettchen4You salmon oil is manufactured under strict Quality controls and each product Batch is checked by individual Analysis for remains of pcp and heavy materials. Since we only use oil for human consumption, the maximum allowed amount of problematic impurities is by far less than in a product which is purely made for pet food usage.  

Ferrets and other animals cannot produce essentials fatty acids. They somehow have to be fed them either by a high Quality dryfood with a high amount of fatty acids (e.g. Frettchen4You FERRETastic, rEVOLUTION) or by adding some Salmon oil to the daily Food. When feeding ferrets with pure meat it is very important to add Salmon oil to the meat because many vitamins are only fat-soluble and cannot be detached from the Food source withthe presence of a fat or oil.

The positive influence Salmon oil can have on animals and humans is already well known and scientifically founded. Salmon oil can help with eye problems, Problems of the immune Systems, cell membran and blood vessels. It can Support the metabolism, and sspeed up healing processes. Even allergic reactions can be treated with Salmon oil. It can help during grow up process by supporting the bone cartilage build up. Even Arthritis and liver or kidney Problems can be treated with Salmon oil. Give it a try if your ferret does not want to eat, salmon oil may change that as well.

Feeding suggestion: per 1kg Body weight   1-2 ml Frettchen4You salmon oil / day

Individual feed for animals
Analytical constituents: Crude fat 99,9%
Saturated fatty acids: 22%
Unsaturated fatty acids: 43%
Polyunsaturated fatty acids: 35%
Vitamin E 0,09%
Omega-3 Fatty acids min. 25%
Composition: 100% Salmon Oil  (Salmo Salar)
Country of origin: Norway
Quality: Human consumption

100% Salmon Oil  (Salmo Salar)



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