YUMEARTH Organic Fruit Snacks-Gummies 50g

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Brand: Yummikommid Yumearth
Package: 50g
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Gummies-fruit snacks in a new and even nicer package! The package contains an assortment: banana, strawberry, cherry and peach! Made from real juice concentrate!

Yummy candies - candies and gummies that are free of most allergens.
Due to the absence of white refined sugar, they are the kind of candy that will not make children hyperactive.

Does not contain gelatin made from bone meal
These Yumearth gummies/ fruit snacks have won the hearts of Yummearths!

Made from real juice concentrate!

100% vegan.

NO gluten, soy, dairy, nuts or fat.

Only natural flavorings are used.

The products are vegan-friendly, i.e. no bone meal is added to the gummies. Once upon a time, gelatin was brought more for glue. But someone made the "lucky" discovery that since gelatin is tasteless, odorless and colorless, it can also be used in the confectionery industry. We have absolutely excluded such products in our selection.

These gummy candies/snacks are suitable as a nice snack for school, work and exercise. In addition, there is also vitamin C here.


Organic cane sugar
Organic rice syrup
Ascorbic acid (vitamin C)
Citric acid
Organic sunflower oil
Glazing agent - carnauba wax
Wheat starch
Juices from concentrate (mild carrot, pumpkin, apple and blackcurrant juice)
Natural fragrances, colors and flavors

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