Zinkosan Fresh Mint lozenge 20pcs

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Effective lozenge with active ingredients zinc citrate, vitamin C, palargonium extract, menthol and freshmint flavor

Zinkosan Freshmint - Aromatic lozenge tablet

Zinkosan Fresh Mint is a good tasting lozenge supplement for sore throat and easier breathing. Contains zinc, vitamin C,  pelargonium extract, peppermint oil and menthol as active ingredients. Zinc is in well absorbing form of citrate, while vitamin C together with Pelargonium extract (Pelargonium sidoides) boost the immune system. Menthol and freshmint aromas give fresh feeling in respiratory channels helping to open stuffed nose effectively. Zinkosan Fresh Mint is sweetened with tooth friendly xylitol.

Daily dosage (4 tablets) contains:

Pelargonium extract 80 mg

Vitamin C 75 mg

Zinc 15 mg


1 tablet 4 times per day. Not recommended during pregnancy due to lack of clinical trials. Not recommended to use together with Varfarin. Excessive use may have laxative effects.

Contains no lactose, yeast or gluten.


Xylitol and sorbitol as sweetener, Guargum and magnesium salts of fatty acids as surface finishing agent, Pelargonium extract EFLA® 956 (Pelargonium sidoides), Ascorbic acid, Zinc citrate, Menthol and freshmint as aroma

Daily dosage

4 tablets contain:
Pelargonium extract EFLA® 956    80 mg
Vitamin C   75 mg
Zinc  15 mg

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