ISODENT Fluor+ nurturing mouthwash spray

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New nurturing mouthwash spray protects effectively from caries, prevents demineralisation and enhances health of oral mucous membranes.

The nurturing mouthwash spray contains 0,15% fluoride which effectively protects your teeth from caries. The unique combination of xylitol and erythritol also provides additional protection against demineralisation. Sea-buckthorn exctract strengthens oral mucous membranes and contributes to healing small wounds in the mouth. It also helps to keep the mucous membranes of the mouth moist. Chamomile has a soothing effect on the mucous membranes. Lingonberry acts as a natural preservative.

The product freshens breath, it has mild taste and it's pleasant to use.

A new package filled with compressed air Mouthwash spray is packed into a spray bottle with compressed air, which makes it easier to use especially for those who have a fixed orthodontic appliance. Pressure enhances directing the mouthwash spray at problematic places, the attachment areas of appliances and even beneath them.

The product is developed specifically for solving mouth care problems caused by fixed orthodontic appliances. Keeping the mouth clean becomes easier because areas where the orthodontic appliance is attached to teeth (vulnerable to caries) can be protected effectively and effortlessly. Also small wounds on the surface of mucous membranes in the mouth, caused by sharp orthodontic attachments, heal quickly thanks to natural herb extracts.

  • For users of fixed orthodontic appliance
  • If you are prone to caries (medication)
  • For removable partial denture users to strengthen own natural teeth
  • If you are diagnosed with Sjögren’s syndrome
  • If you have dry mouth

Using the mouthwash spray: Spray the solution gently on the inner and outer surfaces your teeth. Swish around in your mouth for approximately 40 seconds and spit out. Gives 24 h protection against cavities when used twice a day. Use morning and night after brushing teeth or as your dentist advices.

Water, sodium fluoride, xylitol, erythritol, buckthorn-, pepper-, mint-, cowberry-, herbal extracts.

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