High-fibre drink mix - hot chocolate

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Glucomannan (Konjac Mannan) contributes to weight loss when served 3 times daily before main meals. Glucomannan when consumed with energy restricted diet, it works.

Nutrigen Powder Mix provides 3 g dietary fibre of which 1 g Glucomannan and 2 g soluble fibre in each serving. Serving 2 or 3 times daily you consume 6 -9 gram dietary fibre which is almost more than half of daily need of 5 – 7 years of old children. High dietary fibre intake, regular physical activity and low energy-dense foods protect against overweight and weight gain. Switch from consuming “empty calorie foods” to “nutrient-dense foods” to build and maintain good health.

Some specific micronutrients are depleted in overweight children a paradox termed as “hidden hunger”. The vitamins and minerals is added in the product to supply the missing micronutrients that are common to overweight children.

DHA is from fish omega-3 fatty acids and maximizing DHA intake supports weight loss.

Add a scoop of (12,5g) Nutrigen Cacao Powder Drink Mix into a dry glass and pour over a glass of (200 mL) hot water. Stir well until dissolved. Once mixture is ready, consume within half an hour. If mixture thickens add more water and stir. Each serving has 1g Glucomannan (konjac mannan).

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