Can COLLAGEN supplements benefit your skin and health? Read from BLOG!

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I just recently saw an article about how Halle Berry uses bone broth to stay young - here's a secret, bone broth is home made collagen supplement! 

If you also dream about looking just as good as Eurovision song contest stars or Hollywood actors like Halle Berry, then you might also want to think about using a collagen supplement regularly. We will not make you drink bone broth, as there are very good collagen supplements available. 

Collagen is one of the most important proteins in our body. It's not just important for our beautiful skin but also for our joints and hair to name a few. Collagen content in our body decreases over the years and this decrease is intensified by physical activity, stress, eating habits and so much more. Taking collagen orally has many benefits, and we actually just recently listed 6 of the most important ones in our blog post: 6 scientific reasons why collagen is beneficial for you

Rosena introduced three different collagen products to journalists of Õhtuleht, and Estonian newspaper - what did they think?  


Collibre Beauty collagen supplement with vitamins 

Tropical flavor collagen drink contains 10 000mg of collagen per serving and helps keep your skin youthful and your hair shiny. 

I used this collagen and even though I did not see a big change, I did notice a few things here and there. I have had issues with flaky and dry skin since puberty, and I noticed that this was reduced after I started using collagen. My skin was much softer without needing extra moisturizer all the time. 

I was a bit scared at first about using collagen orally as a drink because I had heard that collagen tastes like fish. This drink actually smells and tastes like a fruity drink. I love that a food supplement that is good for my body also tastes good. 

Dermanutrix anti aging collagen sachets 

Oral anti aging collagen supplement that repairs skin elasticity and reduces wrinkles. Passion flavored and easy to use as the supplement is in the form of gel sachets. Use straight from the sachet or mix with water. 

The package says it tastes like passion fruit, but to me it actually tasted like cherries, but overall the flavor was very nice. I have used collagen supplements before and I know how good they are for my body. Of course, you will not see an effect immediately, but it is beneficial in the long term. 

For example, my skin really was soft and there were evenings where I had to think if I had already used my moisturizer or not, because the skin felt so good. Before I started using collagen, my skin was always very dry, so I had to moisturize it daily.

Collibre Active collagen for active people

One bottle contains 10 000 mg of hydrolyzed marine collagen of Swiss origin. It is a perfect partner for active people to support their joints and muscles daily. 

People say that Collibre Active tastes so good, but I did not personally like it that much. For me it seemed a bit artificial. But I did not want to pass on this test so I started using it with water. With water it was perfectly fine. 

I chose this collagen drink as I go to the gym several days a week and sometimes train too hard. But I did notice that my energy levels were up and I felt really good while using this supplement. 

As a conclusion, I did feel much more energized. I don't know if it was the collagen specifically that did that, but in our climate and environment we can use all the support we can get. And a collagen food supplement is an ideal companion. 


The article was originally published in Õhtuleht web. ​

​Main image taken by Robin Soots. 

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