Dermanutrix Collagen campaign with jewelry

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October is campaign month for collagens. Rosena webshop features a selection of collagen food supplements:

  • anti aging beauty collagen
  • collagen supplements for joints

You will find collagen of marine origin, collagen powders, collagen gel, and collagen drinks. Our collagens feature a high collagen content (5-10 grams) which is considered the daily effective dose to use with an affordable price. Collagen in food supplements is hydrolyzed, making it absorbable by our organisms.

Dermanutrix drinkable collagen has a special gift campaign in October, where by purchasing the Dermanutrix Collagen special pack, you will receive a beautiful gift in the form of earrings or a bracelet.


In addition to that, other collagen food supplements like Collibre Active and Collibre Beauty and Fincollagen powders are also with a price discount. Find a selection of all our collagens HERE.

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For all orders that include at least 40€ worth of products, we will add Biotopix Lip Plumper as a gift. And for orders exceeding 60€ of products, we will also add Biotopix Flash Instant Lifting rapid firming serum. Yes, you can receive up to two gifts!